Xstream Duration

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You are a technical diver performing your last deco stop just meters beneath the ice in frigid waters, you know that prolonged exposure could be your demise, you also know that surfacing before planned is equally dreadful.  In this moment, a free flow would be catastrophic.

If you were to choose one regulator to trust, wouldn't it be the only one that suffered no free flows in all of the US Navy Antarctic testing?

No matter how extreme the environment (pun intended), you want to breathe on something reliable. That is why divers choose the Xstream Duration.  It has the same main functions of the Xstream Deep but meets all four of the O2 requirements for blends containing up to 99.95% O2.  It is the ideal stage regulator.

Key Features:

  • Side purge prevents current induced, and other unwanted purge / free flow
  • Side exhaust keeps your vision clear of bubbles
  • Ambidextrous 2nd stage makes gas sharing easier and less stressful
  • Approved for use under ice down to 29 degrees Fahrenheit (-1.6 degrees Celsius)

Technical Features:

  • Meets O4 requirements for safe oxygen usage (oxygen engineered, oxygen compatible materials, cleaned for oxygen use, oxygen approved)
  • Can be used with blends up to 99.95% O2
  • 5 LP and 2 HP ports
  • Low work of breathing, servo assisted
  • Only Regulator certified for 200 m
  • Upstream 2nd stage valve (more resistant to free flow and wear and tear)
  • Over Pressure Valve, OPV (ensures that in case of regulator overpressure the regulator will not be stuck closed‚)

Essentials Kit Includes:

  • Xstream Duration 1st Stage
  • Xstream Duration 2nd Stage

Xstream Duration 1st Stage:

In extreme environments, you would be hard pressed to find a better regulator to trust your life with.  Just ask the US Navy; in their Antarctic testing this is the ONLY regulator that suffered absolutely no failures.  With reliability checked off, what comes next?  How about performance?  The Xstream Duration is the same as the traditional Xstream but the duration meets all of the requirements that enable it to be used with 99.95% O2.  This 1st stage is self-balancing due to its ruby ball technology, which makes it a dream to breathe from.  Pair it with the Xstream Duration 2nd stage and you have the most trusted regulator on the market to see you through your final and most vital stages of deco.

Duration Upstream 2nd Stage:

You were most likely taught in your open water class that a downstream 2nd stage regulator is preferable. The reason being is that (in theory) if your regulator suffered a failure in the 1st stage it would stick open, resulting in a free flow. You would then be able to get to the surface while sipping on your free flowing regulator.  But what if you need that precious air to get you out of the cave or wreck, or to clear your deco obligation?  At the recreational level, how many divers realistically have the level-headedness to suffer a free flow at 100 feet and casually make their way to the surface while their tank drains? 

The Xstream 2nd stage is an upstream regulator.  You may have learned that if upstream regulators fail, they will fail, close, and cut you off from your air.  In theory this is true, but Poseidon has added a safety valve (OPV) onto their first stage.  This valve ensures that pressure inside the regulator will stay at a point in which you can breath normally in the event of a failure.  To sum it all up, in the unlikely event that your regulator fails, it will not free flow; it will continue to breathe normally so you can save your essential deco gas and continue to breathe normally until your obligation is cleared.