Nanight Tech 2

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To cave divers, wreck divers and deep divers, their light is without a doubt one of the most important components of their dive kit.  In cave diving especially, a powerful and reliable light can be a life saver.  Traditionally, a decent canister light would break the bank for a diver.  On top of that, if that diver were to need different beam angles depending on the dive environment, they would need a separate light for each environment.  Finally, if something minor were to give out on the light, it would be ruined or would need to be sent back to the factory.

Nanight, made it their mission to construct a light with an answer to all of those problems.  The Nanight Tech 2 has user interchangeable lenses with 4 different options for beam angles, the same light you use in murky conditions can be changed to a 120° video light in seconds.  Next, they made all of the main components of the light user interchangeable so you can order a part and replace components as needed.  Lastly, Nanight has managed to make this reliable, high powered 4000 lumen light available for a price that is absolutely unbeatable.  For that reason, it is quickly gaining popularity, especially among the cave diver community.

Key Features:

  • Can be used with multiple Nanight handles
  • 4000 Lumens
  • Average 5 hour burn time
  • Can change between different power levels
  • Magnetic switch designed to survive years in salt water
  • User changeable components
  • External charge port
  • Interchangeable lenses for all environments: Tight spotlight in murky water (10° lens), floodlight in clear water, coral reefs, caves (35°-55° lens), video light (120° without lens)

The Tech 2 Kit includes:

  • Nanight Tech head, battery canister and cable
  • High quality rechargeable Panasonic Li-ion battery
  •  Protective case
  • 10° lens included (35° and 55° optional)
  • 120° beam without lens
  • Charger
  • Soft goodman handle
  • Standard canister mount
  • Canister velcro quick strap

Technical Data:

  • Light output: 4000 emitter lumens
  • Triple Cree XHP35
  • Color temperature: 6000k
  • Max depth: 328 ft / 100 m
  • Double o-ring sealed
  • Temperature monitoring of the LEDs
  • Effective cooling
  • Magnetic switch
  • Cable length: 47.25" (1200mm)
  • 4 step dimming
  • Automatic light intensity step-down
  • Total burn time* (including step down):
    • Level 4: 3 h 10 min
    • Level 3: 5 h
    • Level 2: 7 h 
    • Level 1: 12 h 10 min

Total Lamp Weight: 2.2 lbs
Lamp head in freshwater: 2 oz
Canister in freshwater: 7 oz
Head Length: 3.1"
Canister Length: 7.7"
Diameter (Tube): 2.2"


Nanight can make either their C3 or their Tech 2 with an E/O cable rather than the external charge port. This gives you the ability to run your light head with any canister that has a 5-20V output.

This is popular for divers who use a big battery canister with multiple outputs and want run, for example, their heat vest and one or more lights from the same canister.

*Nanight uses 14.4V so the battery indicator and the step down is set up for that. You can let Nanight know what voltage you need to run the light at and it is possible for them to update the firmware.

*External charge port is more cost effective and redundant than E/O cable.