Weight Pocket System

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How much weight you need to carry alters drastically depending on where you are diving. You know that when you are in the tropics all you need are trim weights, while in colder water it is a must to carry some weight around your waist. However, weight belts aren't that pleasant. You need an integrated system that can easily be added or removed from your BCD depending on the environment you are in. You need the Poseidon Weight Pocket system.

This system gives you flexibility. It is easy to fit and can be used with the Poseidon One Harness or Backplate and Harness or nearly any harness or weight belt system for that matter. It makes managing your weighting and buoyancy extremely easy.

Key Features:

  • Quick release mechanism
  • Removable inner pocket for easy weight packing and removal
  • Symmetrical design for placement on right or left side
  • Fits standard size waist belt, as well as Poseidon BCD's
  • Can hold up to 10 lbs (4.5 kg)


  • Cordura with stainless steel bolt kit and eyelets¬†
  • Plastic release handle


  • Bolt kit