Technica Mask

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You prefer to be underwater in the most natural state possible. As you gracefully glide over the reef you notice the need to clear your mask. Too much of an effort will deplete the precious air in your lungs and minimize your cherished bottom time. Which makes an ultra-low-volume mask, that is as effortless as possible to clear, all the more important.

Poseidon created its Technica mask with you (free divers) in mind, it is ultra low-volume, easy to clear and has a rugged, stylish look that will stand out. Although designed with free divers in mind, it extremely popular amongst scuba divers. Especially those who like a low profile mask, or kids and divers with narrower faces. That being said, this mask fits most face sizes comfortably and gives you a stylish combination of low profile and excellent field of vision.

 Key Features:

  • Ultra low volume profile make it ideal for free diving
  • Fits most face shapes and great for narrower faces

 Technical Features:

  • Size = 4.75 inch (120mm) skirt width, 5.7 inch (145mm) lens width
  • Weight = 6.5 oz (185 g)
  • Double lens
  • Ultra low volume


  • Rubber
  • Tempered glass
  • Silicone


  • Poseidon Mask Case