Solid State Oxygen Sensor

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On a CCR dive, you noticed one of your O2 sensors reads different than the other two. Keeping an eye on it, you continue your dive. Your CCR has used voting logic and has opted to not use the outlier sensor and instead function using the two sensors that are reading the same. To play it safe, you do a dil-flush and to your horror realize that the CCR had voted out the only working sensor and you were dangerously close to going hyperoxic.

The bottom line is, voting logic is not always logical and traditional O2 sensors have a short shelf life and are prone to failure. For that reason, Poseidon has created the Solid State O2 sensor. This factory calibrated sensor is absolute and delivers unsurpassed operating life, as well as calibration stability. In a nut shell, this sensor needs no calibration and is the most trusted sensor ever made. You can be confident that it is reading correctly at any depth and therefore you can focus on the other components of your dive.  You will never want to rely solely on galvanic sensors again.


  • Absolute oxygen measurement
  • Factory calibrated
  • Fast and accurate
  • Can be used with M28 and CPOD system
  • Similarly shaped to existing galvanic sensors for easy replacement
  • Low power consumption
  • Much longer operating life


  • Electronics hermetically sealed from the sensing environment by a transparent window
  • Designed for for highest mechanical reliability
  • EMC tested - ESD protected interface
  • External "DuraClik" Molex connector designed for highest reliability
  • Digital communication interface
  • Unique electronic ID numbers for sensor traceability

Essentials Kit:

This kit will give you the ability to link a Solid State O2 sensor and M28 to any rebreather in order to have the power of the M28 and the innovation of the Solid State O2 Sensor as an ubeatably reliable third cell back up.

Kit Includes:

  • C-Pod
  • Solid State O2 Sensor
  • T-Coupling
  • M28 Connecting cable


One sure fire way to make your diving safer is through redundancy. In CCR diving that can be done in many forms, but one way of doing so is by attaching a third or additional O2 cell holder to your unit. The Poseidon C-Pod allows you incorporate Poseidon's state of the art, patented rebreather safety technology into any rebreather via their T-Coupling and CAN system.

This is a great way to increase the safety on your VI, SE7EN, or other rebreather and enables you to use the M28 and Poseidon's Solid State O2 Sensor.


This T-Coupling allows you to attach your Poseidon C-Pod to your breathing loop, giving your rebreather and / or M28 the ability to read an additional O2 Sensor.