SE7EN Paddle Display

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You know that in CCR diving, as with so many other things in life, communication is key. Your SE7EN is one of the most sophisticated rebreathers on the market, and has many ways to communicate with you. The main way in which your rebreather communicates with you is via its display. A good display should be reliable and easy to understand.

The SE7EN paddle display is most commonly used with the SE7EN Sport and is designed for recreational rebreather divers. In addition to all the features of a normal dive computer, this display has clear alarm indicators, PPO2 reading, gas levels and calculates your remaining dive time depending on multiple limiting factors. This display helps make the SE7EN one of the safest, and easiest rebreathers on the market for recreational diving.

Key Features:

  • 6 region, LCD display is easy to see and read
  • Constantly monitors and rates how "confident" it is in your O2 sensors
  • Can detect whether mouthpiece is in CC or OC
  • Easy to see alarm display
  • Easy to read PPO2 levels
  • Shows depth, time, temperature, ascent and descent rate, battery life etc.,
  • Calculates estimated remaining dive time (RDT) depending on multiple limiting factors
  • Shows pressure in DIL and O2 cylinder