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You love diving your SE7EN because you love how marine life doesn't scurry away from you as your inch up to it. The fish are more curious than fearful of you, and this allows you to take amazing underwater photos. Unfortunately, you are so busy trying to get the perfect shot that you have neglected the PPO2 levels on your M28. Luckily, you see flashing lights and feel a vibrating in your mouth that even the most focused photographer couldn't ignore and are not too late to check your computer and bail out to open circuit.

The SE7EN has a myriad of features to keep you safe. It's head up display (HUD) is one of the most prominent ones. This clicks into place on the top of your mouthpiece and informs you of your PPO2 levels both physically (by vibrating) and visually (by flashing LED lights). This way, no matter what you are up to, your SE7EN will be able to communicate if there is a problem.

Key Features:

  • Snaps into place on mouthpiece
  • Contains computer processor that communicates with rest of SE7EN
  • Red LED indicates a problem, green indicates CC mode and normal PPO2 levels
  • Built in patented Juergensen Marine vibration system provides a tactile alarm system to advise the diver to switch from closed-circuit to open-circuit mode, or vice versa
  • Sophisticated sensor to detect which position the mouthpiece is in (open circuit or closed circuit).