Poseidon Service Tech Online Class

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Class cost is $300 for Regulators and $500 for the combined Rebreathers/Regulators class.  The Rebreather class includes the full Regulator class as part of the training material.   To be eligible to take this class and receive your certification, you must work either for a dive store or an accredited professional dive organization.  

Class duration is approximately 6 hours for regulators. The rebreather class is approximately 10 hours, made up of 6 for regulators and 4 for rebreathers. Classes will start at 10am Eastern, unless a different start time is needed due to attendee geographical location.  

All required service materials, tools and equipment will be shipped to each attendee for use in the class, along with a pre-paid label to return the kits. Training certificates and service manuals will be provided upon receipt of the training kits. A fully-refundable $500 credit card deposit will be required prior to shipping out each training kit.  Shipping is included in the class price for the continental USA.  This course is only available to attendees located within the continental United States.  If you need to reschedule your training date after booking, you must request this at least two weeks prior to your class.


  • Dealers and professionals can attend a live, online authorized training class to become certified as a Poseidon Service Technician. Obtain the knowledge you need to provide in-demand service on Poseidon Regulators and Rebreathers. The certification is valid for 3 years.


  • For each product type you will learn:
    • Theory, Principles, Drawings and Explanations
    • Disassembly / Assembly
    • Cleaning
    • Parts Inspection
    • Calibration
    • Troubleshooting
    • Repair
    • Reassembly
    • Final Air Tuning and Function Test