LP Hose Wing Inflator Quick Disconnect Hose 31.5"

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You are cruising around at 100 Feet in cold but clear water and enjoying your dive, when suddenly your BCD starts inflating and you begin to shoot towards the surface. Knowing this rapid ascent could be tragic, you attempt to disconnect your BCD and notice, especially with thick gloves on, that the "quick disconnect" is not so quick and time is not on your side.

In Sweden they know a thing or two about cold water diving and the use of bulky gloves. That is why they have molded wings onto their LP Hose Wing Inflator Hose. These wings make it easy to disconnect with gloves on in the case of a self-inflating BCD or other issue. 

  Key Features:

  • Connects BCD to LP port
  • Quick disconnect "wings" make for easier access with gloves
  • Length = 31.5 inches (80 cm)