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You, the scientific diver rummaging through muck for samples in frigid waters, or you, the public safety diver fighting your way through nasty zero-visiblity waterways, need a regulator that can go wherever is needed and still breathe with the best high performance regulators. The Poseidon Jetstream is the tool for the job. The good news for you recreational and technical divers is: if it's trusted to perform perfectly in imperfect conditions, you can be at peace knowing it will continue to breathe beautifully while you focus on diving your plan, getting the perfect shot, or just taking it all in.

The Jetstream regulator is a combination of Poseidon's time tested, robust, reliable, servo-assisted, Jetstream 2nd stage along with its Navy choice, cold-water juggernaut, Xstream 1st stage. The combination makes for an easy to breathe regulator with massive airflow that is extremely durable and trustworthy. For this reason, the Jetstream has been used by the US and Swedish navies as well as the Italian Police.

 Key Features:

  • 2nd stage +/- flow sensitivity switch
  • Side exhaust keeps your vision clear of bubbles
  • Ambidextrous 2nd stage makes gas sharing easier and less stressful
  • Octo is built to same standard as primary 2nd stage
  • SPG is compact and robust with easy to read numerals in both BAR and PSI

 Technical Features:

  • Can be used with Air, Nitrox
  • EN 250 cold water approved
  • Low work of breathing, servo assisted
  • Upstream 2nd stage valve (more resistant to free flow and wear and tear)

Essentials Kit Includes:

  • Xstream 1st Stage
  • Jetstream 2nd Stage with 27.5 inch (70cm) LP hose

Complete Kit Includes:

  • Xstream 1st Stage
  • Jetstream 2nd Stage with 27.5 inch (70cm) LP hose
  • Jetstream Octo with 27.5. inch (70cm) LP hose
  • Cirrus Black Pressure Gauge with hose

Xstream 1st Stage:

In extreme (pun intended) environments, you would be hard pressed to find a better regulator to trust your life with. Just ask the US Navy; in their Antarctic testing this is the ONLY regulator that suffered absolutely no failures. With reliability checked off, what comes next? How about performance? The Xstream 1st stage is self-balancing due to its ruby ball technology, which makes it a dream to breathe from. How about versatility? You can pair this 1st stage with an Xstream, Jetstream or Cyklon 2nd stage as well as with the Posiedon Atmosphere full-face mask. With a flow rate of nearly 2200 liters per minute, this regulator can deliver more air than most on the market. If the US Navy describes it as, flawless‚ in the Antarctic, imagine how well it will perform as you are gliding over the reef.

Jetstream 2nd Stage:

The Poseidon Jetstream 2nd Stage is the ultimate in robustness and ease of breathing. It is servo-assisted meaning that like power steering in a car, the regulator helps to ease your breathing. It combines a great work of breathing with unprecedented durability and that is why it is often the regulator for public safety and scientific divers as well as recreational divers who want equipment that will last.

Jetstream Octo:

You are kicking around at 100 feet when your buddy comes up to you signaling that he is out of air, you instinctively pass him your primary and then grab your octo and start breathing off of it. You quickly realize this does not feel like it did in the pool, the water is cold and at this depth it is downright difficult to breathe from the cheap Octo you are now using as your last lifeline to the surface. As you continue to breathe quite difficultly, you can't help but recall how last time you dove your octo was accidentally dragged along the sand when you exited the water. You continue your ascent; at this point all you can do is hope that this cheap, back up regulator, will hold up and get you to the surface.

Poseidon does not believe your Octopus should just be, "enough" they believe it should be a lifeline that you can truly rely on. For that reason, the Jetstream Octopus is the exact same as the primary, meaning that in cold water or in the event you dirty up your regulator, you can trust that it will continue to perform and have excellent work of breathing.

Pressure Gauge Cirrus, Black:

Whether you are diving with a transmitter or analog gauge, you want a pressure gauge that is easy to read and simple to store out of the way. This 4350-PSI (300 BAR) SPG from Poseidon offers both. It is compact, robust and has a stylish black, fluorescent display that can be easily read at any depth or environment. Showing both BAR and PSI, it makes your air pressure easily visible wherever you are diving.

Upstream 2nd Stage:

You were most likely taught in your open water class that a downstream 2nd stage regulator is preferable. The reason being is that (in theory) if your regulator suffered a failure in the 1st stage it would stick open, resulting in a free flow. You would then be able to get to the surface while sipping on your free flowing regulator. But what if you need that precious air to get you out of the cave or wreck, or to clear your deco obligation? At the recreational level, how many divers realistically have the level-headedness to suffer a free flow at 100 feet and casually make their way to the surface while their tank drains?

The Jetstream 2nd stage is an upstream regulator. You may have learned that if upstream regulators fail, they will fail, close, and cut you off from your air. In theory this is true, but Poseidon has added a safety valve (OPV) onto their first stage. This valve ensures that pressure inside the regulator will stay at a point in which you can breath normally in the event of a failure. To sum it all up, in the unlikely event that your regulator fails, it will not free flow; it will continue to breathe normally while you make your way to the surface and save your precious gas supply along the way.