Harness W/ Backplate

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As a technical diver, you know that a good harness is the foundation of a good set up.  A comfortable, durable and versatile harness will enable you to don your rebreather or twinset and your bailout or stage bottles efficiently and comfortably.  

The Poseidon Harness W/ Backplate is tailored to fit the SE7EN rebreather but also is very functional for open circuit diving.  The Poseidon webbing and buckle system, as well as its nylon covered backplate make it an easy to fit and comfortable harness.  Pair this harness with a Poseidon Wing and you have a top of the line, technical buoyancy device. 

Key Features:

  • Nylon covered aluminum backplate for comfort and durability
  • Four D-Rings for easy staging of bailout or stage cylinders or accessories