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For the explorers out there squeezing their way through cave restrictions, the scientists collecting data in muck and mangroves, and the recreational diver chucking gear in and out of the truck and hauling it around the world, you need a regulator that can take a bruising and not sacrifice performance. You need the Poseidon Cyklon X.

By combining their finest and most powerful, cold water juggernaut Xstream 1st stage with their 62 year old, trustworthy and always improving, world famous Cyklon 2nd stage, Poseidon has created a truly robust and reliable regulator. This beautifully breathing regulator is for any diver who wants the power and reliability of the Xstream 1st stage with the durability and downstream capabilities of the Cyklon 2nd stage.

 Key Features:

  • Side purge prevents current induced, and other unwanted purge / free flow
  • Side exhaust keeps your vision clear of bubbles
  • Ambidextrous 2nd stage makes gas sharing easier and less stressful
  • Octo made to same standard as primary 2nd stage
  • SPG is compact and robust and has numbers in both BAR and PSI

 Technical Features:

  • Can be used with Air, Nitrox
  • 5 LP and 2 HP ports
  • EN 250 cold water approved
  • Downstream 2nd stage
  • DIN connector
  • Thermo Dynamic Antifreeze (no environmental seals or extra fluids)

 Essential Kit Includes:

  • Xstream 1st Stage
  • Cyklon 2nd Stage with 27.5 inch (70cm) LP hose

Essential Kit Metal Includes:

  • Xstream 1st Stage
  • Cyklon Metal 2nd Stage with 27.5 inch (70cm) LP hose

Complete Kit Includes:

  • Xstream 1st Stage
  • Cyklon 2nd Stage with 27.5 inch (70cm) LP hose
  • Cyklon Octopus with 27. 5 inch (70cm) LP hose
  • Cirrus Black Pressure Gauge with hose

Complete Kit Metal Includes:

  • Xstream 1st Stage
  • Cyklon Metal 2nd Stage with 27.5 inch (70cm) LP hose
  • Cyklon Metal Octopus with 27. 5 inch (70cm) LP hose
  • Cirrus Black Pressure Gauge with hose

 Xstream 1st Stage:

In extreme (pun intended) environments, you would be hard pressed to find a better regulator to trust your life with. Just ask the US Navy; in their Antarctic testing this is the ONLY regulator that suffered absolutely no failures. With reliability checked off, what comes next? How about performance? The Xstream 1st stage is self-balancing due to its ruby ball technology, which makes it a dream to breathe from. Thermo Dynamic Antifreeze means it works excellent in cold water and does not need environmental seals or extra fluids. With a flow rate of nearly 2200 liters per minute, this regulator can deliver more air than most on the market. If the US Navy describes it as, flawless‚ in the Antarctic, imagine how well it will perform as you are gliding over the reef.

Cyklon 2nd Stage:

A 2nd stage can take a beating, whether you are a tech diver pushing through restrictions, or a scientific or public safety diver fighting through debris and little visibility, or a recreational diver that should be more cautious with their gear (hand up). No matter what type of diving you are doing, you want the peace of mind knowing that even when subjected to adverse situations, your life support equipment will hold up and perform admirably. The Poseidon Cyklon 2nd stage was originally created in 1958 and has steadily improved since then. It has adopted new technology when necessary but has maintained its simplicity and robustness and therefore its reliability.It is trusted by government and technical divers and loved by recreational adventurers.

Unique not only in age and performance, it has a unique and classic look due to its side purge and side exhaust. It is also ambidextrous, making it the easiest regulator on the market to share air with.

Cyklon Octopus:

How many times have you accidentally bashed your Octopus on something while diving?  Ever accidentally drag it though the sand on your way in and out of the water?Octopuses take a beating, yet they are used to safely and reliably get you and/or your buddy to the surface in a stressful situation. Still many opt to use a cheap, good enough‚ Octopus to bail them out. When your car gets a flat, would you rather drive to a safe location on the sad skinny donut tire, or a tire just as good as the one you were using before?

The Cyklon Octo is no different than the primary 2nd stage, with exception to color.  With this Octopus, when you and your buddy need to surface safely, you will be doing so on a regulator that is known as the most reliable and durable on the market.  It has been used and improved since 1958 and is the regulator of choice for Royal Swedish Navy's Submarine Rescue Team and the German Navy.

Pressure Gauge Cirrus, Black:

Whether you are diving with a transmitter or analog gauge, you want a pressure gauge that is easy to read and simple to store out of the way. This 4350-PSI (300 BAR) SPG from Poseidon offers both. It is compact, robust and has a stylish black, fluorescent display that can be easily read at any depth or environment. Showing both BAR and PSI, it makes your air pressure easily visible wherever you are diving.