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In addition to practicing, training and striving to dive deeper and further, you also want to dive safer.  In a sometimes unforgiving sport, you can never practice safety enough.  One sure fire way to make your diving safer is through redundancy.  In CCR diving that can be done in many forms, but one way of doing so is by attaching a third or additional O2 cell holder to your unit.  The Poseidon C-Pod allows you incorporate Poseidon's state of the art, patented rebreather safety technology into any rebreather via their T-Coupling and CAN system.

This is a great way to increase the safety on your VI, SE7EN, or other rebreather and enables you to use the M28 and Poseidon's Solid State O2 Sensor.

Key Features:

  • Add Poseidon safety technology to any rebreather
  • Add redundancy via and extra O2 sensor
  • Pair with M28 and Solid State O2 Sensor

Essentials kit includes:

  • C-Pod
  • T-Coupling 

Complete Kit includes:

  • C-Pod
  • T-Coupling
  • Connecting Cable
  • Solid State Sensor 


This T-Coupling allows you to attach your Poseidon C-Pod to your breathing loop, giving your rebreather and / or M28 the ability to read an additional O2 Sens