Black Line Mask

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For the diver who wants an amazing field of vision on a mask that's still easy to clear, Poseidon's best-selling Black Line Mask is a must try.

The Black Line's flood resistant skirt means it will stay on your face during a tall water entry from a boat, while battling through the surf on a shore dive or after taking a fin to the face from your buddy. The ultra soft silicone means you wont get out of the water looking like a raccoon. Unlike other masks, you don't have to choose between a low volume mask (easy to clear), and a single lens mask (greater field of vision); the Black Line gives you a stylish combination of the two.

*Now available in Red (Red Line) and White (White Line)

Key Features:

  • Extra deep, soft skirt
  • Low profile makes it easy to clear
  • Angled single lens for enhanced field of vision
  • Works great with beards!

Technical Features:

  • Size = 120 mm skirt width, 150 mm lens width
  • Weight = 220 g
  • Low volume
  • Single lens


  • Ultra-light polymer
  • Tempered glass
  • Silicone