NANIGHT DIVE LIGHTS are manufactured in Gothenburg, Sweden and distributed in the U.S. and the Caribbean by Salt Blue.

Nanight combines the highest quality European hardware components with the same Japanese battery technology used by Tesla, to deliver 4,000 lumen power that will light up your world!

The Nanight range gives you 4 styles of light housing and battery power and a full range of accessories, including Goodman handles, additional power packs and all the spare parts you'll ever need.
  • Sports 2 - Designed for the recreational diver, the Nanight Sport 2 is a simple, yet powerful light in an easily portable size
  • Tech 2 - Features a very powerful light beam and a high capacity battery, perfect for advanced divers doing repetitive or longer dives
  • C3 - Durable, heavy duty and made to withstand rigorous diving in any environment.  The custom built reflector creates a sharp focused spot giving good throw even in murky waters
  • Video - Ultra wide beam angle at 4,000 lumen will make the colors pop out even in the darkest of waters