Xstream Tool Kit

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The Xstream Tool Kit contains the proprietary Poseidon tools you need to service your Poseidon Xstream Regulator.  This kit is also good for the Poseidon Jetstream. 

This kit assumes that you already have a set of general tools suitable for regulator repair and you're just looking for the Poseidon-specific tools.  If you need a complete set of tools to service your Xstream regulator, then you need 0800-099 Poseidon Xstream Complete Tool Kit.

Kit Contains:
  • 2297 O-Ring Remover
  • 2705 Adjusting Tool for Valve Tube
  • 2706 Allen Wrench 1.5mm
  • 3605 Combination Tool No. 1
  • 3606 Combination Tool No. 2 
  • 3771 Torque Wrench 30 Nm
  • 4591 Tool NV 17 Xstream
  • 4594 Tool UNF 3/8" Xstream
  • 0650-011 Laptop Dry Bag