Titanium Chillproof Long Sleeve Full Zip (Women's)

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*NEW FOR 2020

If you are a diver, or all around water sports enthusiast.  You have probably amassed a significant collection of exposure wear.  You might have a drysuit and undergarments, a 7mm suit, a 5mm suit, a 3mm suit, a skin for the tropics, and maybe a vest and / or top that can be used on its own in in addition to one of your suits.  Besides the monetary factor, this all just adds up to be an abundance of stuff, and you would prefer if a single product could fit many needs.

The new Sharkskin Titanium Chillproof Long Sleeve Full Zip top uses Titanium infusion to give it the thermal equivalency of 5mm of neoprene.  You can wear this top on its own or pair it with Sharkskin Titanium Chillproof Long Pants and you have a 5mm wetsuit.  Sharkskin Chillproof material is able to regulate your temperature and keep you warm when it's cold and cool when it's hot, which means your top and pants can function as a 3mm or skin in warmer waters without running the risk of overheating.  In much colder waters, this product can be worn as a drysuit undergarment or under a 7mm suit to keep yourself extra toasty.  The front zip makes for easy donning and doffing and temperature regulation.  This garment will be your go to for all sports in and on the water.

Key Features:


  • Titanium Far Infrared nanotechnology
  • Breathable 10K+ membrane
  • 100% windproof
  • High quality abrasion resistant outer
  • 4-way stretch for flexibility
  • Neutrally buoyant
  • Hollow fibre fleece
  • Dries quickly when being worn
  • Water repellent DWR treatment
  • Anti-microbial for odour resistance