SE7EN Mouthpiece

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You are on a CCR dive when suddenly you notice your O2 levels are dangerously high.  You shut down your loop and reach for your bailout regulator, waisting no time getting off what could be a toxic breathing loop.  You take the first breath off of your bailout regulator and nothing happens, out of instinct you try again, only to realize that you had forgot to turn on your bailout cylinder.  Luckily you are able to sneak it on right as panic is starting to set in.

Sometimes, the best thing you can do diving is stop, think and react.  That being said, the luxury of time is not always on your side.  The Poseidon SE7EN mouthpiece has breakthrough technology that will buy you some precious time.  It incorporates a high performance, lightweight open circuit regulator that can be accessed by the turn of an easy-to-operate switch.  In a bailout situation, switch to open circuit and this will give you precious time to think, calm yourself and get onto your bailout cylinder.  Combine this, the integrated ADV, and attach a Poseidon HUD and you have the safest and most technologically sophisticated mouthpiece on the market.

Key Features:

  • Built in high performance open circuit regulator can be accessed by the turn of a switch
  • Built in Automatic Diluent Addition Valve (ADV), adds DIL when the counter lungs go below a certain volume.  This means you can enjoy a hands free descent and continue to breathe normally
  • Snap in place mount for HUD
  • BOV can stay locked in place while switching from CC to OC