Poseidon Wing WRB

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You have your SE7EN on your back.  Hanging on your sides are stage and bail out cylinders and you add a camera and even a DPV into the mix.  You are going on an epic dive, but you are carrying a lot of weight and you need to make sure you have a wing with plenty enough lift to keep you off the bottom.  The Poseidon Wing WRB can reach its maximum buoyancy of 150 N in just 5-8 seconds, giving you more than enough lift to get the job done.

The wing, tailored with the Poseidon SE7EN it mind, is also an excellent open circuit wing.  It is made of ballistic nylon, so it can endure any tight environment you may find yourself in and has a self retracting bladder.  Pair this wing with a Poseidon Harness W/ Backplate for a superior CCR or OC BCD. 

Key Features:

  • Self retracting bladder
  • Three dump valves
  • Maximum buoyancy = 150 N
  • Made with Ballistic Nylon 1680