Rebreather BCD

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You have been diving a single tank with a jacket style BCD for year and feel completely at home in your set up. You want to get into the world of CCR diving, but have dove a harness and wing before and felt out of place in it.  Poseidon created its rebreather BCD to make your conversion into rebreather diving as trouble free as possible.

The Rebreather BCD is the first of its kind and is excellent for beginner rebreather divers, or those who are simply more comfortable in a jacket style BCD.  It's built in counter-lungs make you feel as if you are part of the unit and breathing loop. This extremely comfortable BCD is a great way to get into recreational rebreather diving.

  Key Features:

  • Integrated and exchangeable Counter Lungs
  • Integrated weight pockets
  • Integrated pockets
  • 3 dump valves
  • 4 D-rings
  • Pouch case for crotch strap
  • Velcro for patches or display gauntlet
  • Adjustable shoulder straps
  • Soft comfortable cover on the backplate

*To attach the BCD to your Poseidon rebreather canister house use adapters: QMR or 11-inch Adapter

Buoyancy:XS = 80 N, S = 90 N, M = 100 N, L = 110 N, XL = 140 N