RATIO iDive Color Edition - Deep

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You are a recreational diver, you have just completed your deep dive certification and are in love with the awe and the challenge of going deep.  You are certain that deep diving is something you would like to continue doing, but you mostly dive recreationally and are not sure you want to go fully into technical diving.

The Ratio iDive Color Deep Dive Watch is the ideal dive computer for you.  This computer combines the simplicity of a recreational dive computer with the customization and sophistication of a technical dive computer.  In addition to being able to use 3 different gas blends and 3 different transmitters this computer includes USB charging, air integration with side mount mode, programmable algorithms with deco planner, customizable icon navigation, a 3D compass and much more!  Combine all of that with Italian fashion, and you have a stunningly good looking and high quality computer for all of your diving needs.

Key Features:

  • Color display with icon navigation
  • Air integration
  • USB charging
  • 3 gas mixes (Air, Nitrox, Trimix)
  • 3D compass
  • Armored glass and buttons
  • Mineral glass
  • Silicone watch strap
  • Free dive mode
  • Gauge mode
  • B√ºlhmann and VPM Algorithms
  • Log your dives to your laptop or desktop
  • Shows moon cycles and barometric pressure

*Another unique feature of Ratio computers is their upgrade program.  This enables you to upgrade your computer from an Easy to a Deep and from a Deep to a Tech.  This means you only need to get the computer that suits your diving needs right now, knowing that your computer can be progressed as your diving does the same.

***Click HERE for a full list of iDive specs and comparisons between models.