One Wing & Harness Bundle

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Proper buoyancy is essential to your diving, whether you are an instructor trying get students in proper trim, or are in need of trim work yourself (as we all are), your BCD is crucial to keeping you off the reef and making others envy your skills.  Designed for the beginner diver and excellent for the experienced diver, the Poseidon One Wing & Harness combines the comfort and familiarity of a jacket style BCD with the adaptability and buoyancy properties of a traditional back-plate and wing set up.

 Thanks to the help of designers from a leading backpack company, the comfort of this BCD is unparalleled.  Its Cordura 1000 make-up means even YOU would struggle to puncture it.  When deflated its ClamRetract system helps reduce size and drag to a minimum.  The bladder shape compensates for the weight of the tank and gives you freedom to move in any direction.  This BCD is lightweight, comfortable, functional, and looks amazing.  When you dive in it, your buoyancy is sure to start looking the same.

 *Standard size has a weight belt with three rows of 40 cc holes: and the large has six rows.


  • One Wing
  • One Harness
  • 2 X Weight Pocket 000-47

 Key Features:

  • ClamRetract system to help reduce size and drag
  • Four dump valves and a stainless steel inflator mechanism
  • Narrow passage behind the neck designed to not impede head movement or foul regulators and hoses when inflated
  • Ultra comfy padded harness
  • Stainless steel inflator mechanism on LPI
  • Double, non-flex tank-band tank attachment system
  • Can be equipped with integrated weight pockets, accessory pockets, steel backplate
  • Multiple D-ring attachments for customized use and attachment of tools etc.
  • Adjustable height
  • Quick release shoulder and waist straps
  • Can be used with doubles or a rebreather or single tank

 Technical Features:

  • Made of Cordura 1000
  • 225 N of lifting capacity
  • Made for equipment that does not exceed 41.6 lbs (19kg) negative weight in water