One Wing

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You dive a wing because you love what it does to your buoyancy, it inflates at your back and puts you in perfect trim.  In addition to buoyancy improvement, a good wing is both very durable and versatile.  The Poseidon One Wing is made of Cordura 1000 so it can hold up to some of the rustiest wreckage and some of the sharpest stalagmites.  This can be paired with a rebreather, can use doubles and most commonly is used with the One Harness for single tank divers both beginner and experienced.  

This wing is designed to adapt as your diving adapts and is a great choice for any diver who wants a versatile and robust wing to help with their buoyancy.

 Key Features:

  • ClamRetract system to help reduce size and drag
  • Four dump valves and a stainless steel inflator mechanism
  • Stainless steel inflator mechanism on LPI
  • Can be used with doubles or a rebreather

 Technical Features:

  • Made of Cordura 1000
  • 225 N of lifting capacity
  • Made for equipment that does not exceed 41.6 lbs (19kg) negative weight in water