Poseidon Wing WRB & Harness W/ Backplate Bundle

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You are a technical diver and you like your gear.  Lights, cameras, DPVs, bail out cylinders, stage bottles, etc., there is a use for it all and quite often on the same dive.  As the foundation of your dive kit, you need your harness and wing to be set up precisely in order flawlessly float not only you, but all of your equipment as well.  This is why the comfort, function and lift of your BCD is so important.

The Poseidon Wing and Harness system was tailored with the Poseidon SE7EN in mind. Its easy to fit harness and nylon covered backplate make it easy to get comfortable in.  Four D-Rings give you optimal possibilities for carrying bail out and stage cylinders.  The wing has a whopping 150 N of lift, and is durable, being made of Ballistic nylon.  Whether you are carrying around loads of gear or not, this harness and wing is for the rebreather or open circuit diver who prioritizes, comfort, functionality and durability.