Black Line Snorkel

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On dive you enter the water and switch to your snorkel from your regulator while you wait for others to ok the descent. You switch back to your regulator and descend but while cruising along the reef notice your snorkel getting in the way and becoming an annoyance. In the past this was just something you had to deal with. However, now diving with the Poseidon Black Line Snorkel, you take it off and fold it up and store it in a pocket for the rest of the dive.  As you reach the surface you simply unfold it and start breathing from it while you swim to the boat. 

Key Features:

  • Great for snorkeling (it's called a snorkel after all)
  • Great for free diving (wrap around, solid design reduces drag)
  • Great for scuba (fold it up and store it when not in use)
  • Light weight and easy to travel with
  • Goes great with any Poseidon mask


  • Silicon mouthpiece
  • TPR tube