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You are on the market for a rebreather and want to see what all of the hype is about.  The problem is, there are so many different rebreathers out there, and which one you choose is dependent on what kind of diving you will be doing in the future.  The beauty of the Poseidon SE7EN CCR is that your rebreather can grow and adapt with you, if you decide to go beyond recreational dive limitations.   The SE7EN's secret to being so adaptable lies within its smart battery modules.

Thanks to these, all it takes is the change of a battery to change your SE7EN's limits and safety settings from that of a recreational diver to a deep normoxic trimix diver.  With 5 different batteries to choose from, you can elect the appropriate one depending on the diving you are doing.  This gives your SE7EN the ability to be both an extremely high quality recreational rebreather, and an extremely high quality technical rebreather.

Key Features:

  • User Chargeable, get up to 30 hours of diving on one charge
  • Contains its own onboard computer, and stores not only your dive log data, but also your decompression status (tissue tensions), keeping track of repetitive dive status
  • 2 way¬†safety alert system consists of 2 red LED flashing lights as well as an audible tone to alert you and your buddy that your CCR is not safe to dive


No decompression, down to 40 meters / 131 feet


Decompression can be enabeled, down to 40 meters / 131 feet


Decompression & trimix can be enabeled. The lowest oxygen content allowed is 16%. Down to 48 meters / 157 feet

Poseidon recommends the purchase of Tech Counter Lungs with the TRIMIX 48 battery. When purchasing the TRIMIX 60 and DEEP batteries, it is mandatory to purchase Tech Counter Lungs


Decompression & trimix can be enabeled. The lowest oxygen content allowed is 16%. Down to 60 meters / 200 feet


Decompression & trimix can be enabled. The lowest oxygen content allowed is 1%. Is only compatible with the POSEIDON SE7EN