Sharkskin Titanium Chillproof

The Sharkskin Titanium Chillproof Line is a new twist to an already beloved product. Sharkskin has decided to improve upon the thermal capabilities of its renowned, windproof, water resistant, neutrally buoyant, fast drying, comfortable, 4 way stretch Chillproof material, by infusing it with titanium.
Through some act of sorcery (or science) they have managed to infuse the entire garment with titanium nanoparticles.  What does that mean?  Titanium infusion through the garment means that your Titanium Chillproof product will recycle your body heat much more efficiently than other similar products.  It means that these garments have the same weight, comfort, durability and functionality of their Chillproof relatives, but rather than being equivalent to 3mm of neoprene, these garments are equivalent to 5mm of neoprene. 
For you, the result is a warmer and more versatile garment.  Just like the standard Chillproof material, this material can regulate your temperature and keep you cool when it's hot and warm when it's cold.  Which means that these products can take the place of a 5mm suit in colder waters and can take the place of a 3mm or skin in warmer waters without risking overheating.
These products will change the way you enjoy the water.


Key Features:

  • Titanium infused for warmth and recovery
  • Stirrups keep pant legs from rolling up
  • 5mm neoprene thermal equivalence
  • Aquatic specific, windchill proof, 3-layer composite thermal material 
  • Neutrally buoyant, anti-microbial, odor and itch resistant
  • Fast-wicking fleece inner liner for warmth and comfort
  • Comfortable 4-way stretch material

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