LP Hose 9/16-18 (Xstream, Jetstream)

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In order for the world's most reliable regulators to earn that name, they need hoses that are equally as reliable. These Poseidon LP hoses come in a range of lengths but they all do the same thing, they deliver air safely and consistently from your world class Xstream 1st Stage to your servo-assisted beautiful breathing 2nd Stages.

Popular lengths are 27.5 inch (70cm) for sport/recreational regulators, 43.3 inch (110cm) for stage/ deco regulators and 84 inch (215m) for technical "long hose" regulators.

Length is measured from end to end of hose and connection points are 3/8-inch UNF male to 1st stage - 9/16-inch female to 2nd stage.