Rebreather SAVE-A-DIVE Kit

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You can plan your dive trip for months, you can make sure your SE7EN is running beautifully and ready to dive, and you can make sure everything you need is properly packed for the big trip.  What you can't prepare for, is when and where a small piece of equipment might fail. If it just so happens to occur after your first day of a seven day dive trip at Truk Lagoon, and you can't source another part, your CCR dive trip could turn into open circuit or snorkeling trip real quick. Not only will this kit "save a dive", it will save a trip, and some sanity.  If Murphy's law strikes, you can rest easy knowing this kit will have everything, within reason, that you could need to get your SE7EN up and running and get you in the water for the next dive.

Kit Contains:
  • Regulator grease, 100g tube 8516
  • O-Ring 0012-028 (qty 10)
  • O-Ring 0011-037 (qty 10)
  • Multi tool Metric 0655-003
  • Membrane Cover Xstream for BOV 4536
  • Membrane Holder Complete 6010-013
  • Membrane Mouthpiece 0000-232
  • T-Lung insert 6010-133
  • T-Section 6010-011
  • CC Hose Black Standard 0132-003
  • Service Kit Breathing Loop Discovery 0009-004
  • Service Kit Scrubber Canister Housing 0009-005
  • Service Kit LP Hoses 0009-009
  • Dry Bag 0650-010