Nanight Tech 2 Pro

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The Nanight Tech 2 Pro is a limited edition maxed out version of the Tech series. Designed for more advanced diving or outdoor activities where powerful light and a long burn time is needed.
The Tech 2 Pro is equipped with high pressure brass AGRO glands.
The hard anodized aluminium goodman is easily adjustable even under water.
Width can be adjusted using two screws, and it folds down into a flat package for slim storage.
A thumb grip is included in the goodman handle for extra control and grip variation.
With interchangeable lenses and multiple mounts the light can be used as
- Tight spotlight in murky water (10° lens)
- Floodlight in clear water, coral reefs, caves (35°-55° lens)
- Video light (100°-120° without lens)
The light is equipped with simple reliable magnetic switch without any complicated mechanics, that will sustain years of use in salt water.
The Tech 2 Pro is equipped with the new Charge Port 2.0 for simple charging without having to take apart your light. The new Charge Port 2.0 does not need a cap while diving.