One Wing & Harness

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When you gear up at the truck and begin the arduous, fully kitted walk to the water, you have surely at some point thought to yourself, "there has to be a better way." Poseidon is here to help.  Their incredible One Harness is manufactured with the assistance of a leading backpack manufacturer and is therefore built to be comfortable and supportive of weight, making those walks to the water less painful.

This harness is great for all levels, you can easily attach weight pouches, you can adjust the spine length and you have a plethora of options for D-Ring and accessory attachments. Pair this with the One Wing for the ultimate in a comfortable, and durable back inflate BCD.

Standard Size:

  • Has three rows of 40 cc holes on wait belt

Large Size:

  • Has six rows of 40 cc holes on waist belt
  • Larger shoulder straps

Key Features:

  • Narrow passage behind the neck designed to not impede head movement or foul regulators and hoses when inflated
  • Evenly spaced 40 cc holes for attachment of d-rings, weight pouches and accessories
  • Adjustable spine can easily be lengthened or shortened to fit an array of sizes
  • Comfortable and supportive padding for your back
  • Quick release shoulder and waist straps
  • Possible to replace plastic backplate with steel
  • Double, non-flex tank-band tank attachment system